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A Journey Through the 5 C's of Change

Happiness is not a destination ... its the way you live. 


It's the 'moments of greatness' throughout your day. It's really the things you truly enjoy, like when you are at work closing deals or solving complex problems; like when you are playing soccer with your kids and admiring the smile on their faces; like getting the popcorn ready to watch a movie with your loved one and snuggling in - its how you CHOOSE to live your life! 


The Road is a practical guide to help you find your formula for success ... at home and at work. The book provides practical tools and techniques to help you maximize your capabilities in living an extraordinary life, both personally and professionally.  Gus reveals your internal commanding force that positions you for incredible achievements on this amazing journey of change.


The Road will take you to paths you have always wanted to experience and reach levels you may never have considered. As you prepare for your journey, you will develop a relentless mindset and acquire four tools before getting on the Road. You will learn how to raise your standards, believe in your competence, instil PHP (Purpose, Hunger and Passion) and eliminate the E-word (Excuses). You then embark on the Road and encounter five C’s (change locations) of self-discovery and growth. You will experience ups, downs, and even sideways – it will be an exciting adventure!


Life is a web of connected strings, designed and made up of time and decisions that you choose to make. Making the right decisions and taking actions accordingly will lead you to amazing changes in your life. This journey goes through 5 change locations: Character, Constructiveness, Commitment, Communication, and Contribution.


The book is available at selected book stores and online at and

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CAVE Connection

Passage to the Future of Employee Engagement and Generation Y

Employee engagement is no longer a buzz word - it's a revolution.


In a time where organizations are getting over “challenging times”, people are having a more positive outlook on their future. As economists are predicting growth in various areas and geographies, businesses are starting to pick up again. Many organizations are entering a growth phase while still maintaining a thorough focus on cost control. The climate has now changed yet again, which surely creates a new playing field.


Organizations are experiencing a global shift in workforce dynamics that is severely affecting their bottom line. With these new set of dynamics comes a new mindset that needs to strategically engage people to continually thrive in this economy.


Great leaders connect with their employees at a higher level.


For that level of connection to come through, there needs to be a journey – a passage that leads to greater personal engagement and organizational results. We need a natural space where people can succeed, with no outside interference, which leads to a new destination. A metaphorical CAVE, where people are challenged to achieve, aligned to organizational goals, valued as family, and empowered to make things happen. That’s the path to connection, that’s the CAVE Connection!


In this book, Gus outlines how the CAVE Connection creates a powerful bond where the employer creates the passage for the employee to emotionally connect to what they do, how they do it and why they do it. This path becomes filled with energy, excitement and enthusiasm, where the employee becomes part of the work and the work becomes part of the employee. 


The book is available at selected book stores and online at

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