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Are you building Great Leaders?


A great keynote speaker can deliver one of the most powerful experiences. The spoken word can be a driver of change, inspiration, motivation and emotion. The right speaker has the ability to influence, inspire, shape and transform the world around you. 


We are dedicated to building better leaders. Our leadership development programs improve the performance of organizations from the inside out by developing the skills, competence and confidence of the influential players leading the teams.


All our trainings use experiential learning techniques, where workplace experiences are supported by reflection, critical analysis and synthesis. Learning activities are structured to engage and empower participants to take initiative, make smarter decisions and be accountable.

Gus Takkale International

Gus Takkale International Inc (GTI) is a Canadian-based organization focussed on leveraging capabilities worldwide. We provide innovative workplace-based development solutions across a wide range of industries. GTI combines award-winning adult learning experiences with proven engagement methodology that includes a global network of learning professionals that are dynamic, knowledgeable and motivational.


GTI has has trained over 32,000 participants to date, mainly in fields of IT, banking, manufacturing, business management and sales. We commit to the success of our clients in the delivery of:


• Keynote Speeches

• Corporate Workshops

• Training Seminars

GT's experience includes working with organizations from all over the globe including:​


Gus Takkale International Inc

Suite 203, 2450 St Joseph Blvd

Ottawa, Ontario

K4A4A8, Canada

Email: info @ gustakkale .com

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