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Gus has addressed students from all over the world and helped thousands of them step up and lead better lives, both personally and professionally. He is passionate about teaching youngsters how they can personally improve their way of life and thrive for success.

Gus enjoys presenting to young adults. He shows them the tools and techniques to change how they think for ultimately changing how they feel about their future … He is excited about getting them ready for the “real world”.

Gus delivers a 60-minute "Make it Happen" session to students and guides them to achieve high levels of confidence and empowerment. He will entertain, empower and enlighten his audience with his powerful message, practical content and relatable humour. He is devoted to one thing … taking people through a journey of personal success to live with passion!

As part of his own C5 (Contribution), Gus subsidizes his speaking rate for academic institutions with a reduced discount in order to contribute to the development of our youngsters.

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