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We know that successful meeting planners / speaker bureaus are extremely organized and know how to position their speakers effectively. They work under extreme pressure and attend to so many details, both large and small ... and accordingly, they require quick answers in order to evaluate a fit for their clients.

So here it is ... w

e have dedicated this page for our partners in facilitating a clear message to their clients.








Below is a 'bureau-friendly' video showing some of Gus's keynote speeches:

This is how Gus is positioned to deliver at his best:

When should I submit Gus for a program?

The best clients Gus works with is when they are preparing or in the midst of executing `change` within their organization, and at conferences / conventions when there is a theme of challenging times on leadership & change.


Best Audience


Employees who are leading or going through change 


What is Gus best known for?


Gus`s book “the 5C`s in Change” is sold in various parts of the world. It focuses on capability development of 5 key areas of yourself that enables you to embrace and thrive on change


What topics should Gus be listed in the database?


Change, Innovation, Leadership, Motivation, Corporate Culture, Workplace Development

What is most unique about Gus?


A world-wide expert on innovation & change management, Gus has worked with many global organizations in executing large-scale change projects. His philosophy is simple: “Show me results”. If the bottom-line does not increase, then the change process was not successful. Change means growth, and growth means higher returns!

Gus has won “speaker of the event” at two different conferences in 2010 alone, not just for his dynamic stage presence but also his ability to get the audience to get up and `shake` with his summary rap song


What parallels does Gus have with a corporate audience?


Gus has been in the corporate world since he graduated from university. Working with local and international companies, he lived through various change initiatives on both sides ... the leader and the receiver. He was like so many people in the audience who want to develop their change capabilities and implementation skills.


When does Gus shine the brightest?


Gus is best at the opening of an event or after lunch ... his high-energy triggers the audience to stay on the edge of their seat (even if they have just eaten)

When would Gus not be the best fit?


Gus does not speak at political or relegious events 

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