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*Gus has really razzled and dazzled our audience ... he is full of energy and wisdom*


Graham Faulkner - CEO, Insights Europe

(1) STEP UP: Embrace Change ... and Thrive on it

Based on his best-selling book the 5C’s in Change, the 60-90 minute Keynote empowers employees not only to do more, but also to expect more out of themselves. It's about discovering their inner power and unlocking the desire, passion, and greatness within themselves and others.

The impact of this keynote is geared towards workplace effectiveness and higher productivity. It drives the participants to new levels of achievement as it engages people to maximize their potential and acquire skills that produce energy, enthusiasm and innovation.

We need self-accountability to excel in our workplace … and with that accountability, comes personal power that results in a lasting sense of certainty and effectiveness. With that, Gus will inspire the audience to:

• Embrace new skills, mindset and tools to thrive on change
Aim higher, acquire PHP, and eliminate the E-word
Take action, aim higher and take personal responsibility of their results
• Regain traction during and after change
Create great relationships to work more effectively with colleagues, clients and suppliers
Become proactive in developing workplace effectiveness 


(2) WORKPLACE INNOVATION: Creating Ideas and Putting them into Action

Organization are going through constant change in the new age of Leadership ... new technologies, global best-practices, competition threats, increased client demands, tighter controls, greater workloads and process changes.

Successful organizations
  need to innovate in order to grow. But, having great ideas is not enough, it`s the disciplined execution that`s key. Employees need to develop unique products,  powerful systems, effective processes, and outstanding services in order to exceed customer expectations. Gus will drive your employees to:



• Apply the TCEN Model (Thinking, Challenging, Experimenting, Networking) 

• Think outside-the-box and instil creativity in their role
• Generate unique ideas through various channels
• Evaluate ideas and asses their risks in implementation

• Develop a structured approach in idea execution
• Get buy-in from others through effective communication



Gus engaging the audience at his opening of his keynote. Everyone is on their feet.

Gus outlining the fifth C in the 5C's in Change: Contribution

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