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Making things Happen


Gus Takkale has recently made history and innovatively changed the Ottawa Sporting scene by bringing in Professional Basketball to the nation's capital ... The Ottawa SkyHawks. For more info, go to

Creating Ideas and Putting them into Action


Organizations are going through constant change in this new age of leadership ... new technologies, global best-practices, competition threats, increased client demands, tighter controls, greater workloads and process changes.  Successful organizations need to innovate in order to grow. But, having great ideas is not enough, it`s the disciplined execution that`s key. Employees need to develop unique products, powerful systems, effective processes, and outstanding services in order to exceed customer expectations. 

Based on Gus's TCEN Model, this powerful program is about inspiring employees to develop innovative ideas and follow through to fruition. He demonstrates the need to (a) Think differently, (b) Challenge provocatively, (c) Experiment constantly, and (d) Network frequently.

Having an idea is useful, but executing a great idea is power! 

Workplace Innovation PDF

Embrace change ... and Thrive on it

For most organizations, change is uncomfortable. Leaders might have great strategies but come implementation time, it gets more complex. It’s the EXECUTION that’s key - success will depend on the ‘personal element’. How do we personalize change? It starts from within. ‘Change’ must become an emotional transition.
Based on Gus's book, The Road: A Journey through the 5C’s of Change, this program empowers employees not only to do more, but also to expect more out of themselves. It's about discovering their inner power and unlocking the desire, passion, and greatness within themselves and others.

There are three parts to this program: (1) The pre-travel check: ensuring your engine (mindset) is ready; (2) Packing your bags: acquiring the tools necessary to successfully drive on the Road; and (3) The five C’s: driving through the five change locations (Character, Constructiveness, Commitment, Communication, and Contribution)

Step Up One-Sheet PDF


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